Spring Break Business

So, I’ve been away from here for a little bit.  After Easter we went to my grandparents’ house and then I came down with some nasty icky cold after bragging about our awesome lack of sickness this flu season. I have been trying to lay low, but still worked because who wants to use sick time when they’re actually sick  I am saving my sick time for very severe illness requiring a physician’s intervention. Anyway, here I am, still coughing until I feel like my eyes are going to pop out of their sockets but I am upright and grateful that my kids seem to be unscathed by all the germs I have been spreading. I am not feeling particularly witty or interesting in my present state so I thought I would share some of my photos from our week at grandma’s.  Our trip was what I would consider a “working” vacation since Grandma had a hernia repair while we were there so I spent some quality time at her local hospital and at her house we were providing some nursing care for my Grandpa who has dementia (you can read about all that here). We did get a visit to Columbia in for the kids before the rain started and the day we were leaving we got a good amount of snow so they had some great highlights to their trip.  Other than that there were games, movies, hot cocoa, and cozy fireplaces to keep them occupied.

Grandpa and my dad chatting.

This chicken.

I am 100% sure he was thinking about cowboys here.

Love the patina on that balcony.  It just gets better with age.

My parents decided my boys needed 6 shooters for their stage coach ride.  They get robbed every time, you know.

James was got to ride shotgun this time.  It’s a big deal.  The driver let him hold the bag of gold.  It got stolen.

This conversation went like this. “Hey there.  What do they call you, partner?”  To which my son replies,”They call me the Bandit of Slander.”   Yup.

My view in the morning.

My kids DO have snow gear but I didn’t believe my Grandma’s snow warning because weather.com is a liar. They had fun anyway.  No nerve endings on these kids.

I was loving the shapes and designs of the snow of these branches.  Amazing.

We saw some amazing weather changes in our few days there and made the best of all of them. My husband and dad decided to go on a kamikaze mission to check out the roads during the snow storm since we were supposed to leave that day. My husband referred to it as a near death experience and my dad said it wasn’t so bad…hmmmm.  The temperature ended up rising just enough to clear the roads and we ended up getting home ok.  We hit some pretty crazy rain storms and snow on the grapevine which was super treacherous, but thankfully, we got to our house in one piece and saw some beautiful skies along the way.  Grandma handled her surgery just fine and is on the mend.  Grandpa is hanging out at a memory care facility while she recovers.  All is back to normal…or our version of it, I guess.

7 thoughts on “Spring Break Business

  1. AWESOME post. That picture of M in the snow was a perfect photo. I was like, “MOM! Look at this picture.” And I laughed out loud when El Paisa called himself ‘The Bandit of Slander’.


    Feel better. A lot has happened in the last two weeks.

  2. Delightful pictures. I love the ones of the children playing on the rocks. Getting to ride on the stage coach looks awesome. And to have snow while you were away too.Sounds like you had a great time away.

  3. I love the way James is sitting with his leg crossed, like he owns the show! Also, the snow on the branches photos are stellar!

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