This and That

With a mom who is having a hard time kicking a nasty cough, things have been a bit low key around here. The sights and sounds of mother are not so cute these days.  Picture hacking cough, puffing inhaler, watery eyes (Liam says, “why are your eyes sweating, Mom?”). Nice. We’ve been staying close to home but having our little moments nonetheless.  There are things all around that have been distracting in a positive way since a major part of me wants to wallow in my crappy physical state.  Can’t imagine what would happen if I had pneumonia or something serious.  What a big baby!

Anyway, here are some of the little bits of happiness happening around here:

Things are blooming in the garden all over the place.  It is so fun to go out and look every morning.

This old guy is still with us and I am grateful for every day…even when he throws up on my pajama pants or has nighttime incontinence.  Geriatric dogs have the same issues as geriatric people, you know, but he’s the world’s best dog and I love him a ton.

My boys love to collect rocks for “mom’s rock collection.” Liam gets them out and makes me pick favorites and we talk all about them. The growing pile drives my husband crazy so that makes it even more funny.

This girl is loves reading.  I can’t even describe how James and Mad’s love of reading makes me feel.  Mike and I both love to read and the fact that they are always sitting with their freckled noses in books is so awesome.  The baby is loving it too.  He has heard a ton of new stories since Mad checks a book out of the school library every single day.  SO cute! Liam and I have been thrifting some good books lately too which is an awesome way to spend a few bucks.  I’ll pass on the caramel macchiato and buy some old dusty books any day.

This is a fuzzy iphone pic but Liam has been drawing the cutest guinea pigs lately.  I can’t get enough.

This is the time of year when everyone gives me their citrus surplus.  They are beautiful and smell so good.  Of course, I took a picture before I put it in my tea.

I found a little time to paint/draw. This is something I used to make more time for before my life became overrun with other things.  I’m not so great but it’s a creative outlet that has assisted me in some really difficult times so it’s pretty important to me.

So those are some of our “little bits of happiness” around here lately.  Thanks to Mrs. Stephanie T for the link up opportunity.  It is so good to stop and take a closer look at life and find those little things that make you feel good.

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3 thoughts on “This and That

  1. First off, aren’t pet rocks the best? We have quite a collection ourselves. Lucca brought one for sharing last year, with googly eyes on it. :) secondly, I didn’t know you loved to paint and draw….love the succulents in the picture. Beautiful! I hope you are feeling better soon so we can play!

    • Your painting is awesome! You already know this, but I want to be all things. All that you are as a wife, a nurse, and hopefully one day all that you are as a mother. You inspire me daily.

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