Sand, Surf, and Burritos

Mike and I both work.  It’s so great that I can contribute financially to our family so he can be home more and I love that my kids get 24 unadulterated hours a week with just him but it doesn’t always leave us with a lot of days home together when none of us have any obligations.  We found ourselves in just this situation 2 Saturdays when our cousins were in town from the LA area camping at one of our local beaches.  We loaded up the kids and headed up.

It ended up being an awesome day.  Did you know San Elijo has a taco stand with AMAZING burritos?  Bull Taco.  Yup.  I fed my face the most awesome shrimp burrito I’ve ever had.  So good and while you’re waiting, you can just look over the cliff at the surfers doing stuff in the waves.  It was one of those moments I have when I think,”I can’t believe I LIVE here.”  I don’t always think this way in my humble suburban day to day which is why it’s great for me to get out and absorb where I live to refresh my sense of gratitude.  San Diego is super expensive and it can be frustrating to be a tax paying citizen here but when I stand and look at the Pacific Ocean with a burrito in my hand, I am so happy I’m here and proud of my city.  It’s a good place.  You should come see it.

So, in addition to burrito gnoshing, there was knitting on the beach, visiting with some of the most fun people I have ever known, watching our kids bond with their cousins, drinking cold beers, skateboarding, and walks to the camp store. It was pretty cold, I’m not gonna lie, but when you live in a beach area, you know that it’s not always sunny and warm so you just take what you get and wear a hoodie. Plus, kids have no nerve endings so they went in the water anyway.  

Great Day with family.  I couldn’t ask for more.

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2 thoughts on “Sand, Surf, and Burritos

  1. Sarah!! I absolutely love this post :) I still have to pinch myself sometimes in those moments. …And I know the owners of Bull Taco!! Isn’t it amazing?!? I’ll be there tomorrow afternoon for some post-Cinco de Mayo beach shenanigans…you’re welcome to pack up the kiddos and come hang :) Luv u!

    • Oh man! We’re having a little cinco de mayo at church or I would totally be there. You tell your friends that was seriously the best shrimp burrito ever and I am an expert in burritos! Love you. Miss you.

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